The South Charlotte Chapter is committed to raising the next generation of African American leaders while enhancing the lives of all children. Our teens, led by Teen Foundation Chair Bryce Lindsay, created an initiative called “Shoes Across Charlotte” to collect 1,000 pairs of shoes for children, men, and women in need, as well as raising $10,000 for non-profits that make a difference. Children are bullied emotionally and physically due to the condition of their shoes. Children born into poverty in Charlotte only have a 4% chance of making it out of poverty based on a recent study which showed Charlotte ranked 50th out of 50, for economic mobility. With our teens leading the charge, all of our grade groups rallied together for “Shoes Across Charlotte” and collected 1,221 pairs of shoes and $10,012, exceeding the goal. This community service initiative equipped our youth with the power to make a difference.

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