Our Trailblazers, the South Charlotte’s 4th and 5th-grade group, participated in retail therapy of a different kind during the Holiday season.  Led by Moms Devine Bowers and Logan Da’Keya, our kids arrived early on a Saturday morning to sort clothes, shoes, household items and other goods for the Crisis Assistance Ministry Free store.  Every 30 days, those in need can come to the free store and shop for 30 items at no charge. This allows them to spend their money on other items such as food or an electric bill. Once the kids set up the store they were able to immediately see the impact of their work as Free Store patrons lined up for the store opening then selected their 30 items of choice. The Trailblazers saw first-hand how they had the power to make a difference.

View the video of this service project here.

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