Award Recipients

  • August 8, 2018

SCCS serves a student population that is more than 90% African American. The school seeks to strengthen African American families by ending generational poverty via a robust education model. This model incorporates the guardians and offers parent engagement sessions. The school addresses health and wellness, including mental health. There is a tremendous opportunity for volunteer service and SCCS would welcome a chapter service projects.  Opportunities include and are not limited to SCJJ Chapter members coming to the club interest groups to discuss careers.

SCCS has been ranked one of the most successful charter schools in the state of NC (based on student performance).  To expand opportunities for the students the school has partnered with an independent investor that takes ½ a dozen students to South Africa for a summer experience of cultural exposure, volunteer work and the opportunity to learn about career opportunities.

The mission of Sugar creek charter school is to eradicate generational poverty by providing a college and career preparatory education from kindergarten to 12th grade.  SCCS WILL address three critical areas leading towards college and career readiness of low wealth students of color. 

Ignite Your Passion, LLC was established two years ago as non-profit organization in Charlotte, NC developed to conduct workshops and seminars for low to middle income women and youth. Ignite Your Passion purpose is to empower women and youth to think big, motivate to become entrepreneurs, gain financial freedom, encourage fitness and teach techniques to move up the corporate ladder.

The Relatives Crisis Youth Center has been a haven for youth 5-17 who are homeless or going through a rough family situation with nowhere else to turn. For up to 21 days, youth have a SAFE place to go where they and their families can work on the issues that brought them to The Relatives.  The staff members work hard to put plans in place to keep families on track. Nine clients can stay at a time. There is a 24- hour crisis hotline, walk in crisis support. What is unique about the Relatives is they provide support for a year after a youth reaches out for help. Parenting support is offered via free classes.

Most of the clients are African-American.  The program services woman and children. The support affords care for mental health wellness.  There is opportunity for volunteer service. Our chapter (along with the region) has volunteered at The Relatives.

Above and Beyond Students (ABS) provides year-round afterschool enrichment for students in grades K – 8th grades. Our goal is to provide programming that results in students achieving proficiency in Reading and Math. The program serves 500 youth in three school based and two community based sites. Our demographics are 91% African American, and 98% or at or below poverty level.

To increase student achievement, we utilize evidence based models and curriculums which are aligned to the NC Common Core Standards.  We collaborate with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to reinforce and supplement learning objective taught during the day. Students have access to technology for online tutorials and to support homework assignments.

Each day we provide students with teacher guided homework assistance and tutoring in Reading and Math.  Through a partnership with Discovery Place, ABS engage students in STEM activities to spark interest in 21st century STEM careers. Students participate in weekly enrichment clubs that include Chess, Cooking, Fine Arts, Photography, Sports, Leadership and more. Through monthly field trips we help students connect education to real life experiences.

To support families, ABS provide monthly Parent Engagement workshops to help families and caregivers support their students’ academic journey, improve socio-economic status as well as improve their overall quality of life.  Through partnerships with community organizations we offer workshops on Health and Nutrition, Career Development, Parenting, Finances and more.

Thousand Dollars Raised for Charity